Quality Products: Randal is a SEDEX company

Randal is a member of Sedex, the world’s largest data platform in supply chain assessment, for storing, analyzing, sharing and reporting on sustainability practices.


Our commitment to Quality translates into the certifications of our company and its management system (ISO 9001), in our objective to respect and improve the environment (ISO 14001) and in the guarantee of the products we manufacture in it (compliance of the CE marking).

Each step of an order, both in its structure and in its management, its customer service policy, the appropriateness of prices and the need for excellence in quality and service, are our objective and our daily concern.

We want to be the tool for our clients by providing profitable, safe and socially responsible solutions in all our furniture.

We focus all our efforts and resources towards a continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services, trying to show our clients a great capacity for reaction. We seek a clear involvement and active participation of all workers, since their effort and contribution is essential to contribute to improving the quality of RANDAL and to maintain and improve the Quality and Environmental Management System.

We want our work to mean something to our clients, knowing their needs, thus making them choose our company because they perceive a personalized treatment.

Randal is a SEDEX member

We are members of SEDEX and have been audited in the SMETA and ICS standards. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy we disseminate our values and commitment to provide social value to our environment, starting with our employees and closest collaborators in the supply chain and reaching our customers, spread throughout the world.

SMETA is an audit procedure developed by SEDEX. The Smeta (Sedex) audit is an ethical and social audit widely used to control risks in the supply chain, which assesses compliance with the principles of social responsibility in all of the organization’s processes.

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Equal opportunities

We are audited by ICS: At Randal we firmly believe in equal employment opportunities and we try to do our bit to create a just and egalitarian society.