Equal opportunities

We are audited by ICS: At Randal we firmly believe in equal employment opportunities and we try to do our bit to create a just and egalitarian society.

Employment equality is a fundamental principle in a just and equitable society. It is an approach that seeks to eliminate any form of discrimination in the workplace, ensuring that all people have equal opportunities to access jobs, training, promotion and fair remuneration, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation , disability or other personal characteristic.

Labor equality of opportunity is crucial for social and economic progress, since it allows the development of the potential and innovation of all workers, which in turn benefits the company and the economy in general. It also contributes to creating a culture of respect and tolerance that is reflected in all aspects of society.

ICS (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability) is a multi-sector initiative that aims to improve working conditions in global supply chains. The ICS is made up of 67 major brands and multinational merchants, including ADEO. As an Adeo supplier, Randal has received continuous audits since 2017 that certify our commitment to labor equality.

We firmly believe that equal employment opportunities and we try to do our bit in the creation of a fair and egalitarian society for everyone.

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