PEFC: Our forests are important

We integrate Sustainability in all our processes, designs and materials, in order to respect and care for our planet and its resources. Our PEFC certification supports our commitment to use wood from managed forests in a responsible manner. We intend to bequeath to the next generations a better planet than the one we have encountered.

Forests play a critical role for the environment, the people and the global economy. They alleviate the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and represent some of the richest biological zones on Earth. They also provide food, renewable raw materials for our products, and are the livelihood of millions of people.

Randal is a PEFC certified company. The PEFC Certification allows companies in the supply chain to guarantee the legal and sustainable origin of certified forest products.

One of the easiest ways to protect our forests is to look for the PEFC label on the products. This label guarantees that the material comes from a certified forest that is managed in accordance with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.

A forest that will last for future generations.

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Equal opportunities

We are audited by ICS: At Randal we firmly believe in equal employment opportunities and we try to do our bit to create a just and egalitarian society.