Discover in our showroom all the possibilities we offer you to design your custom furniture.

A high-quality piece of furniture with the best design. Custom-made to fit the most important space in your home. Because we know that every detail matters.

Your customized cabinet

“Customized furniture are silent witnesses of unique stories, where design merges with identity, creating spaces that reflect the soul of those who inhabit them.”

Pick between with doors, drawers, or open modules. Create your configuration and decide the exact size of each piece. Combine finishes as you prefer and get a piece of furniture as special as you can imagine.

New grooved texture

“The simplicity of the interplay of volumes under the light.”

We have incorporated grooved wooden fronts in two different colors into our finishes, which enhance the textures and add volume to the furniture, giving each module a unique character.

Find the solution

“In the search for solutions, a world of possibilities opens up where creativity and determination are the tools that guide us towards success.”

Custom-made wardrobes offer the opportunity to create a truly unique space, where every detail reflects the personality and tastes of our clients. Not only do they organize our belongings, but they also help us live more comfortably.

Play with volumes

“Furniture are the sculptors of space, shaping volumes that not only fill a room, but also transform the experience of inhabiting it.”

Whether the space is large or small, special needs can be resolved with style. We have combined drawers and bathroom columns, side modules with shelves, and large-format doors, to generate minimalist volumes of bathroom furniture and auxiliary.

Compositions with curved elements

“Curved shapes are bridges between imagination and functionality, creating spaces that invite exploration and dreaming.”

We are always attentive to all the latest developments in the world of bathroom furniture. That’s why we have incorporated phenolic board into our manufacturing materials, to be able to work with curved shapes in our designs.

Pick between handle, push, or crossbar

“The style of your bathroom, the style of your life.”

We have 9 different handles, in various styles, colors, and sizes, each with a different character to suit the furniture you desire. If you prefer a more minimalist finish, you can choose the push option.

Make your project come true

“Let your imagination soar. Design and decide.”

Use our custom furniture configurator to bring your decorative project to life in a very simple way. Contact us if you need any special elements or pieces.

Combine 30 colors without limits

“The color palette is the canvas where imagination comes to life.”

30 available finishes including 9 completely new ones that can be combined without limitations on sides, fronts, and open modules. Additionally, you can choose different tones on fronts and edges of each piece.

Choose shapes and finishes

“Shapes and finishes intertwine like notes in a melody, creating harmony in every corner of the space.”

Much more than just custom bathroom furniture. Personalize shapes and finishes to optimize your bathroom space to the fullest: reduced depth, narrow columns, custom-made sinks in solid surface…

You design, you decide

“Imagine versatile furniture for every space in your home.”

Working with different elements such as doors, corner pieces, drawers, and combinations of finishes, we have incorporated new proposals for bathroom furniture and accessories into our showroom, as well as for other uses such as desks, wardrobes, and shoe cabinets.