Randal is a bathroom furniture manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience creating a quality product with the best design.

We strive to offer fully adapted solutions to our clients. From bulk DIY products to fully customized designs. Our innovative manufacturing processes allow us to offer fast delivery times.

We work with large retailers, small and medium-sized companies in the world of furniture, as well as designers and architects.

Flexibility is our main value. We adapt our designs to satisfy the needs of our clients which, together with our high production capacity, allows us to achieve the most demanding projects.

We have extensive professional knowledge of the retail sector, and a clearly international vocation that places our clients at the center of our efforts.

Our commitment to design, quality and respect for the environment adds value to all our products, services and solutions.

We want to make a meaningful contribution with our work. Behind each Randal piece of furniture there are designers, quality technicians, factories; In short, a human team that firmly believes that the furniture we manufacture reflects that we care about the people who use it every day in their homes.

More about us

We are audited by ICS: At Randal we firmly believe in equal employment opportunities and we try to do our bit to create a just and egalitarian society.