Discover our compact bathroom furniture collections. You will find the style that best suits you.

A high quality piece of furniture with the best design. Available in different sizes and finishes to adapt to the space most important thing in your home. Because we know that every detail matters.


“Green how I want you green.
Green wind. Green branches.”

García Lorca, Federico.
“Romance sonámbulo”

Olive furniture brings renewed tradition to your home. With their lacquered finish and “charm” design, they convey a feeling of serenity. A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom. Its functionality and durability make it perfect for keeping everything organized.


“Eleven in the morning, sunlight entering through the windows, floods the room, allowing you to leisurely wake up while on vacation.“
The Baltic collection is elegant, functional and durable. This bathroom furniture is characterized by its clean design thanks to its hidden handle behind the front that adds a modern and sophisticated touch.


“An oasis of peace, light, serenity, relax. Enjoy.”
The Kol collection is the perfect solution for those looking for simplicity in their bathroom. It has a minimalist appearance, thanks to the handle integrated along the entire length of the front.


“The light passes through the thick concrete walls, delimits the spaces and embrace us. The water caresses your delicate skin.”
Varma is a very flexible collection with a large storage space, thanks to its two versions: suspended or with legs. The handles are available in 5 colors to complete the composition.


“A reflection of you, your elegance, your smile.”
Narcisse is a sophisticated and beautiful piece of furniture that will transform the look of your bathroom in the blink of an eye. Its mirror fronts reflect light, making the space larger and brighter.


“Your bathroom style, your lifestyle.”
The wooden handles are the main feature of the Lagom furniture, and they give it a touch of warmth and naturalness, incorporating the Nordic style, which never goes out of style, to one of the most important spaces in the home.


“City days, the daily rush, unexplored labyrinths to discover. That’s life.”
The curved shapes of its handles and its podium-shaped legs available in 4 colors define the Bliss furniture, modern and elegant in equal parts.


“The simplicity of the play of volumes under the light.”
The herringbone-shaped engraved fronts accentuate the volumes and presence of the Classy furniture. In a lacquered finish, its play of textures and shadows makes the difference.


“The union of two parts: water and you.”
Perhaps our most youthful piece of furniture, especially if combined in bold colors. Nexo offers great flexibility in sizes and allows floor or suspended configurations, the essential basic.


“Less is more.”

Mies Van der Rohe.

Less covers the need to have a cabinet with a sink in small spaces without neglecting the design. Despite its compact size, it offers good storage capacity, making the most of your bathroom space without compromising style.