" El diseño es encontrar una solución elegante a un problema complejo. "
Saul Bass

At Randal, we have resolved the complexity of manufacturing custom-made furniture with a very short delivery time. To achieve this, we have embraced innovation and new technologies, thereby enhancing our design and manufacturing processes.

To improve the user experience, we have developed a virtual configurator that allows the creation of any custom composition. This new tool simplifies the configuration of personalized furniture and makes the ordering process.much easier.


30 different options to combine
1. Glossy White
2. Matt White
3. Biscuit
4. Tórtora Grey
5. Pompeya Yellow
6. Tassili Red
7. Talco Pink
8. Ceylan Blue
9. Stone Blue
10. Liquen Green
11. Jungla Green
12. Grey
13. Corona Basalto
14. Black
15. White Tango
16. Coco Grey
17. Aqua Blue
18. Terracota Nova
19. Gravity Sand
20. Gravity Fog
21. Glacial Ashtree
22. Hickory Frida
23. Fausto Walnut
24. Amazona Oak
25. Amazona Oak Grooved
26. Lagom Ashtree
27. Walnut
28. Oliva Green
29. Walnut Grooved
30. Wabi Elm
Randal reserves the right to change or cancel finishes at any time, according to material availability or market trends.


If the order includes the sink, the plumbing space will be located in the upper drawer of the module where the sink basin is placed, and it will be centered to the basin. If the module also includes an English drawer, it will also have the gap in the same position as the previous one.

If Randal does not supply the sink, all the upper drawers of the composition will have a plumbing space in the center of the module. The same will apply if the modules include an English drawer.

Any other specifications must be indicated in the order.

The board tops will be delivered without holes for faucets and drains. If these are needed, they must be specified in the order. If these holes are needed but the sink is not supplied by Randal, a small sketch indicating the distances must be attached.

The tolerance of ceramic sinks is ± 1 cm.

The solid surface countertops are manufactured with the faucet and drain drilling always aligned between each other as well as with the module where it is indicated that the sink must be placed. In the half inserted basin countertops, the faucet drill will be shifted to the right.

If the client wants to install the faucet on the wall, it is necessary to specifically indicate in the order that the faucet drill must not be made.

The countertops with don´t feature basin or sink of any kind will be manufactured without holes. If the countertop requires drilling, it is necessary that a sketch is attached indicating the drilling position measures.

We work with renowned national and European manufacturers so that all the furniture components comply with the CE marking and offer the maximum guarantee to our clients and users. Our goal is to offer optimal performance in all our products.

INDAUX Closet Hanger: high strength: 45 kg/unit in type A frame and 35 kg/unit in type B frame according to EN 15939.

  • Allows three independent regulations easily accessible from the front: 13 mm vertical, 8 mm horizontal and 17 mm in depth.
  • It is hidden under an extra plane lid.
  • Made of steel to allow its subsequent recycling.

Double-walled ArciTech drawer system by HETTICH, made of steel with an anthracite finish, featuring full extension and Silent System soft closing.

  • All Hettich drawers feature a fall arrest protection system, according to EN 15338.
  • Load capacity 40 Kg according to standard EN 15338 level 3.
  • Hettich extraction systems meet the corrosion requirements according to EN 15338.
  • Allows 3 adjustments.

Silentia hinges by Salice, made of matte nickel-plated steel, featuring a damping system with two pistons and silicone oil, adjustable and integrated into the cup.

  • Allows adjustment of the damping force.
  • Lateral adjustment: -1.5 to +4.5 mm.
  • Vertical adjustment: ±2 mm.
  • Frontal adjustment with Series 200 bases: +2.8 mm.
  • Frontal adjustment with Domi bases: -0.5 to +2.8 mm.
  • Anti-slip safety stop.


For optimal maintenance and cleaning, follow these recommendations:

  • Clean with a soft cloth or sponge moistened in warm water.
  • Use neutral cleaning products and in no case abrasive.
  • Once clean, dry the furniture with a clean and dry soft cloth.
  • Avoid accumulations of water or other liquids prolonged.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun for a long time.

The most important advantage of solid surface countertops is that they can be repaired almost in all cases, but they must be maintained and care for them like any other material.


Maintenance and cleaning

Solid surface is not porous and therefore does not absorb the liquid with which it can get in contact. In the case of minor spots, treat the surface with a cloth, water and regular detergent for domestic use. Before persistent stains, deal with a sponge of cleaning and domestic bleach reduced in water. Use abrasive sponges, vinegar or vinegar cleaner to remove lime.

It is a highly commendable to fill the basins once a week with hot water and a spoonful of liquid chlorine. Leave it for a few hours and then rinse and dry.

Avoid contact with caustic chemicals, solvents, methyl, acetone chloride solutions and liquids for cleaning ovens and metals, if that happens, rinse the countertop with plenty of soap and water and dry the surface with a soft cloth.


Stripes, blows and burns

In the event that stripes, blows or that a very hot object such as a ignition cigarette remain in direct contact with the surface for a long period, treat the affected area with a kitchen sponge and a creamy abrasive detergent and review the same area with a cloth and a polishing cream such as Polish making circular movements. The surface will recover its previous state because the Solid Surface is not porous and is homogeneous in all its thickness.